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Scarpa Specialty Finishes 

 Upgrading spaces since 2006

About Our Company


What Venetian Plaster Is:

Venetian Plaster is made up of slaked lime putty and marble dust. By adding pigments, bonders, and resins, it can be used to re-create the look of many materials such as stone, tile, marble, etc.  It has been used for centuries because of its unique look and high durability. Not to mention, it is also mold and algae resistant.


What Venetian Plaster Isn't:​

Venetian Plasters are NOT perfect. Handcrafted designs with such materials will always carry a measure of imperfection natural to stone but far from the reoccurring designs we see everyday. The application process is continually evolving through the process to reach a one-of-a-kind look. To put it simply, it is consistently inconsistent.

At Scarpa Specialty Finishes our goal is to create options for our clients that provides them with a variety of choices, resulting in an outcome that would almost be impossible to duplicate. We specialize in both residential and commercial. No job is too big or too small. Reach out today to upgrade your space.


White Two-story Home


From concept to completion, Scarpa Specialty Finishes will provide you with the most complete and comprehensive resources available to create a unique and exclusive look for your home.  Our team of skilled artisans are dedicated to making your vision come true.


We are committed to providing high quality finishes for all our projects. Our team pays just as much attention to detail on our commercial projects as other custom projects we are involved in. 

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Our Services

  • High Polish Marble Finishes

  • Multi-Layered Textures

  • Floor Coatings

  • Waterproof Shower Treatments

  • Countertops

We Offer A Wide Range Of Services To Meet Your Needs

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